Deer tattoo

When I heard that the Museum was putting on an exhibition about tattoos I asked the A1 Camera Club, of which I am a member, if they wanted images of tattoos. My daughter-in-law is a local tattooist and I asked her if she would be willing for me to take photographs of her body art. This she was happy for me to do and suggested that I also took those of her daughter. Another member of the club asked me if I would take images of his son’s tattoos so now I have increased my portfolio. I hope you will enjoy looking at them.

Lanie Mitchell

When I spoke to Lanie she told me that she became interested in body art when she walked past a shop and saw a design in the window which she liked. This encouraged her to have her first tattoo which was of a wolf howling at the moon.
This was followed by a 3D butterfly the design of which she saw in a magazine, an owl which she designed herself, a Mexican lady to cover up a name on her arm and a dragonfly on her foot which took her eye. After a few years she researched body tattooing and invested in some equipment with a view to becoming a tattoo artist herself. A friend was willing for her to try out designs and from there on she was self-taught. She had help from another tattooist who pointed her in the right direction.

Her current designs include roses, 3-D butterflies, flowers and animals – but she will try to accommodate most things required by clients whether it is a new design or one which needs to be changed or covered up. Re-colouring is sometimes required if an old tattoo has faded.
The most common question asked by first timers is “Does it hurt?” Yes, it does!

When asked where her ideas come from she said that clients usually choose their own designs. She then has to create a stencil which can take anything from 20 minutes plus depending on the actual size of the design. When doing the tattoo it can take from 10 minutes up to four hours.

Now her eldest daughter has four designs – a small butterfly because she fancied it, a snake which is quite appropriate as she loves snakes and has one or two as pets, a cat – and the latest creation represents ” Lion King” because she loves the film and music and her mother is taking part in a show of the same name at Weston Playhouse in the summer.

Her clients come from all age groups, the young and the not so young.
Lanie has been a tattoo artist for 10 years and and most of her business comes from personal recommendations by friends.


Harri Moore

I have always wanted a tattoo and at the age of 20 years I decided to go for it. I started with a small one and then graduated to a larger one – Forever & ever – the design for which came from the computer.

The third one was Drumsticks to remind me of my grandfather who taught me to play the drums.

The Music Quaver shows my love of music, the two Circles had no meanings, the Half Star and Half Heart remind me that the best things in life aren’t always what they seem to be. The Cross reminds me of my Nan, the five Stars represent my family and the writing on my stomach is Spanish for dance.

Dancing is part of my degree in professional and commercial dance. Signifying my love of the theatre are the two Face Masks and the firework is in memory of my other Nan as her birthday is on 5th November.

“When the Spring is here” was the first song I recorded in a musical with the Re-act Theatre School.

As I like Aladdin I give the Lamp a rub to bring me luck.