For all of you who have visited the museum since we have opened and enjoyed the cinema experience in the seaside gallery, you must have sat in our beautiful and authentic cinema seats.

Did you notice where they came from? During the Summer last year, the development officer and volunteer co-ordinator paid a visit to the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon. The Curzon has been part of Clevedon’s history for over 100 years, built in the heyday of the early silent films. The Grade II listed building has always been a cinema and when threatened with closure in 1996, it was saved largely thanks to local support. They are currently working on their own HLF application and we wish them all the best with their bid.

The can you buy soma online legally seats were in relatively good condition, but dusty from storage, so they have been re-upholstered by Bonds of Weston-super-Mare. Bonds upholstery is a small family run business that has been based in and around Weston since 1979, doing re-upholstery for private and commercial customers. They will work on anything from antique to modern furniture.

The rest of the work to make them look as good as new was done by one of the museum’s dedicated volunteers, Mike. Who lovingly re-painted the metal work, all in time for the installation.

We hope you enjoy the cinema experience, with clips from Pathé, NSPCC and the BAIM Collection.

Weston-super-Mare Town Council would like to thank the Curzon Cinema and Bond’s Upholstery for their kind donations and support for Weston Museum.