Are you a young explorer who loves history and archaeology? Join our Young Archaeologist Club, which we call ‘Rusty Club’ after our mascot ‘Rusty the Iron Age Dog’

*Membership for May - October 2018 is now full, to join our waiting list please email your details to*

Who is Rusty?

Rusty is our mascot, he is based on the skeleton of a dog that was excavated on a dig at Dibble’s Farm in Christon (not far from Weston) and is now on display in our Living Landscape gallery. He lived during the Iron Age, which was a time about 2000 years ago when people lived in tribes and kept dogs for help when hunting.

What do I get if I become a member?

By becoming a member of Rusty Club, you get to join in with fun activities each month, everything from making prehistoric pots to digging for dinosaur bones, as well as going on trips to local historical sites like our Iron Age hill fort. You will also be a member of YAC (Young Archaeologist Club) -, which is a national club, this means that you can get a member pass which gives you discounts for visiting some other places around the country.

What age do I need to be to join?

The club is for 8-16 years olds

When do we meet?

The club meets for a fun, interesting and active session usually on the first Saturday morning of each month, either at the museum or for occasional trips out to historical locations in the local area. The sessions at the museum start at 10.30 and finish around 12, external visit times will vary.

How much does it cost?

You can pay for 6 months of meets in advance for £15. This means that there will always be a space reserved for you at those meetings. The payment period covers from May to October or from November to April.

Past Meets

May 12th – Learn about the Bronze Age and try out some pottery craft

June 2nd – Trip to Banwell Bone Caves

July 7th – Try out some Iron Age weaving and jewellery making techniques

August 4th – Trip to Worlebury Iron Age hill fort

September 1st – Build a big timeline and make some coins from different historical ages

Future Meets

October 6th - Get into the Halloween season with some Mexican Day of the Dead activities

November 3rd - Trip to St John the Baptist Parish Church, one of Weston's old churches

December 1st - Learn about Saturnalia, a Roman Christmas and make some festive decorations

2019 session details to follow

Rusty the Iron Age dog