Handling Box Sessions

The Museum's reminiscence service provides handling box sessions for active living groups and residential homes. Our trained volunteers can come to your preferred location, with a specially picked handling box brimming with nostalgic items. Sessions last for about one hour. The handling boxes include the themes: In The Home, Kitchen, Seaside, Leisure and Hobbies, Work and Transport, and Childhood.

Benefits of Reminiscence

Remembering the past can bring a great deal of satisfaction and understanding to all ages. These items can help to revive forgotten memories of key milestones of a person's life and even be shared with family members. Other benefits of reminiscence include: improves communication, raises self esteem and engagement, stimulates and empower individuals.

Making a Booking

The sessions are free of charge, but donations to the museum are always welcome. If you prefer, you can hire our handling boxes at a small fee of £25 for a 2 week period.
If you run a group that could benefit from this session please contact a member of the team at: museum@wsm-tc.gov.uk, or call 01934 621028.

In order to maximise your group’s enjoyment of our sessions we ask that: a maximum of 12 attendees at one time, the organiser must provide location details and parking arrangements, there must be at least one member of staff present for safeguarding purposes, a table must be made available for our objects, please provide information about the special needs of the group, e.g. deafness or visual impairment.

We will also ask that you complete an evaluation form after the session, in order to maintain the quality of our service.

Activity Pack

We have created an activity pack for you to try out at home.  It contains handy conversation starters to inspire communication and maintain relationships with those in active living groups or residential homes.  To download the activity pack, click here.


If your group or organisation is looking for a guest speaker, the Museum Community Liaison Officer is available to come out and talk about the history and current work of the museum.  The talk lasts about 45 minutes with time for questions at the end. It is free of charge, but donations to the museum are always welcome.


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