courtyard space

We recently had another hard hat day for our volunteers and similar groups to see the building in its current phase; here are a few of the pictures for you to see too!

The interior is starting to take shape, the glass roof has been replaced with a lovely new one (that hopefully won’t leak like the old one did!), the steels for the new bridges/balconies are now in place and the stairs and walls heading through to what was the wildlife gallery have been removed (in addition to the ones that separated the seaside gallery).

courtyard space


The Education room, in the old temporary exhibition gallery, is starting to open up, with the ceiling raised, the blocked off windows being reopened and the end wall moved back. This space will be used for learning sessions, events and a whole mix of things, so having natural light in here is wonderful!

education room


The old wildlife gallery has been transformed into our new temporary exhibition gallery, it is now a lovely size to hold exhibitions from both our own wonderful curatorial team at the South West Heritage Trust and also travelling exhibitions from around the country, bringing something a bit different to our town.

temporary exhibition gallery


The galleries upstairs are also becoming easier to visualize in their finished state. Below is a snap of what was formerly a space that housed a mix of old archive material, some costumes and an accumulation of random events props. It has now opened up to become the space that will house the new Seaside gallery.

first floor gallery


The next few months will be exciting ones for us, as the building work finishes and the spaces move on to the next phase, with cases being installed ready to house the displays, so watch this space!