A week in the life of work experience

Here at Weston Museum, we provide a unique take on work experience.

It’s a very busy week for the students.  Everyday explores a different area of the business.  One day could be customer service and then the next could be building an exhibition.

Our most recent placement, Rachael has written a blog for us to explain more.

My Work Experience at Weston Museum
By Rachael


On Monday I arrived at 10 am and was given a health and safety tour of the building and was informed of the key information that I needed to be aware of. I was introduced to Sophie, a member of staff who familiarised me with the front desk. She taught me how to use the till and card machine and how to record visitor admissions. I watched her greet visitors and therefor had an insight into the key aspect of customer service.
After a lunch break I accompanied Matthew to Grove House where the town council is based. I met several council members and they explained to me the roles of their jobs within the council. I found it interesting to have an insight into how a council works and the roles and responsibilities within that.
Back at the museum office, I met Becky Walsh, who educated me on different forms of marketing techniques. She then tasked me with gathering information from the social media platform, Instagram, on how other museums across the country presented their page. This was an interesting task as I am familiar with Instagram but had not before viewed it from a marketing perspective.


On Tuesday I worked on the front desk. I worked alongside a friendly volunteer who made sure I was happy with working the till.
For the remainder of the afternoon, I was set the task in the museum office of visiting websites of museums across the UK and observing events that they hosted. I recorded down several that seemed interesting.


On Wednesday I was introduced to Jane, a staff member who talked to me about what her job involves. She talked to me about the museum’s buy tramadol c o d reminiscence boxes and what they are all about.
During the morning, I sat with a volunteer at a table in the courtyard where one of the reminiscence boxes was laid out. We looked through the artefacts.
After this, Jane allowed me to look through several other reminiscence boxes. I found it very interesting to be able to handle the artefacts, especially some old holiday postcards from a daughter to her parents.
In the afternoon, I worked in the café with a volunteer who showed me what the job consists of and how to carry this out.


On Thursday I observed a staff meeting, gaining an insight into the business and running of the museum.
Following this, I met a member of staff who talked to me about her job and what it involves. She works with schools and groups with historical handling boxes including dress up and different crafts for the children. Her job is to educate children on different historical eras through creative and interactive learning sessions. I assisted her in sorting through a craft cupboard and thinking of different craft workshops that she could host.  For the afternoon, we went to the office where we completed some admin work.


On Friday, I worked at the front desk with a member of staff and helped with some admin.
In the afternoon I wrote my blog.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Weston Museum. Every member of staff and volunteer has been friendly and supportive. Having learnt a lot about different jobs within the museum and council, I have gained an insight into how a museum is run and what the roles within this involve. I have enjoyed taking on new and interesting tasks and applying myself to areas that I have had no previous experience in. I feel that I have massively gained in confidence as I have met many new people and done many new things throughout the week. My week of work experience has been productive, educational and an all-round great experience that I know will assist me in later life through the experience that I have gained.