Amy Lay- Farnell - Museum Apprentice

Born and raised in Weston-super-Mare

There are so many things I like about Weston Museum, which has made it very difficult for me to pick a favourite.

The amusement machines and Clara's cottage bring back fond memories of when I visited as a child.

I love Horatio the donkey, as he is a great representation of Weston, with the beach painted on him! But my favourite piece has to be a Wesuma Art Pottery vase. This particular vase is on display in the courtyard in the New Acquisitions case. It has a blue glaze background with a vivid print of a kingfisher. This is a trademark design for Wesuma Ware. I just love the style's simplicity and the fact that it was made in a pottery in Weston-super-Mare. It really is a wonderful piece of heritage to be proud of.

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