Time for an update on the Know Your Place (KYP) North Somerset project www.kypwest.org.uk

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Know Your Place, it’s a digital mapping project that covers the west of England. By navigating across historic and modern maps, you can explore history on your doorstep!

You can even contribute items of interest yourself by adding information to the community layer, shown as green diamonds on the map. https://maps.bristol.gov.uk/kyp/?edition=nsom

Don’t worry as there is a tutorial on the website and Facebook page to get you started! You won’t delete anything and all entries are moderated by North Somerset Council before they go live.

Weston Museum working in partnership with North Somerset Council and with support from Weston-super-Mare Town Council, secured a grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund and the Great Weston Heritage Action Zone to enable funding for a one-year enhancement project on the North Somerset section of KYP. Museum volunteers have spent the last 11 months, researching and uploading images and information.

To help spread the word about KYP, our friends in the historic environment team at North Somerset Council have set up social media on https://www.facebook.com/groups/638416113618702 and https://twitter.com/KYPNorthSom It’s been great to see so much interaction by people like yourselves. Please keep commenting and sending your images. If you can go one step further and upload to KYP, so much the better. Here’s an infographic graphic for anyone that likes stats!

As well as being fun to explore, Know Your Place has an educational use too. This may be of interest to anyone currently home schooling and looking for ways to learn more about local history and geography. Explore http://www.kypwest.org.uk/learning-pack/ to find out more. Also check out new learning resources https://www.westonmuseum.org/digital-museum/ There’s even more to come with new learning packs, a school town trail and video tours on their way!

In fact the brilliant thing about Know Your Place, is that the website is continually being updated. For example, there is now a new layer on the North Somerset maps to show the Braikenridge Collection. Here’s what Cat Lodge, Senior Archaeologist at North Somerset Council had to say:

“George Weare Braikenridge (1775–1856) was an English antiquarian. He was born in the Colony of Virginia, but lived for most of his life in Bristol, where he created a large collection of Bristolian historical and topographical material known as the Braikenridge Collection.

He collected over 1400 drawings and watercolours of Bristol landscapes and buildings, and also had a smaller collection for Somerset. Most of these were created in the 1830s to aid with the illustrations for John Collinson’s ‘History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset’.

Many of these have been digitised, scanned and added to Know Your Place by volunteers at the Somerset Heritage Centre, Taunton. Why not explore the map and see what Braikenridge drawings and watercolours there are in your local area?”