Curious about your area, your town or even your house?

Know Your Place (KYP), North Somerset is the online mapping resource that is putting your neighbourhood’s heritage on the map.  You can explore local heritage online through old maps, historic images and historical data and contribute to the published information yourself.  It allows you to discover, in one swipe of your finger, what your area looked like hundreds of years ago.

The information has been put together from Historic Environment Record data from local authorities, historical research by individuals and groups, collections information from heritage organisations and contributions by local people, like you.  You can add to the information and put your memories and the places you love on the map.  You can even look up your own home!

Over the next year museum volunteers will be enhancing KYP, by uploading images from a variety of sources.  They will be visiting venues such as libraries and holding sessions at Weston Museum, so that you can bring in your own images to be scanned and uploaded to the project website.  Think of KYP as a virtual exhibition, where you can share selected information about artefacts, archives and oral histories to tell the story of your local heritage.  The aim is to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of heritage across the region and specifically in our case, North Somerset.

To start your search into local history head to:

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund #nationallotteryfund