A dramatic refurbishment is currently taking place at Weston Museum, but that doesn’t mean that access to historical objects and learning is no longer available. A learning programme has been developed by the museum team with school sessions being offered, as well as handling boxes for key stages 1 and 2.

Historical learning can be brought to life and made more real for young learners through using objects, particularly objects that are older than the learners themselves! Classroom teaching and community group sessions can be enhanced through borrowing a box of original objects, replicas, books, sounds, images and information sheets. The museum team have been growing their collection of handling boxes to encompass a wide variety of National Curriculum topics. A list of these topics with accompanying contents lists for each box can now be accessed via the museum website. Boxes can be hired for a week at a time for £25+vat, which all helps towards the fundraising efforts for the museum project.

Some of the highlights included in the boxes are the ‘mini where to buy levitra dig’ pack within the ‘Fossils’ box, where learners can get involved with their own dig to find mini dinosaur skeletons. Another interesting activity is contained in the ‘World War One’ box, which features a variety of information on nursing and care in the war, as well as bandages to practice first aid skills. Some of the old boxes used previously at the museum have undergone some development and the ‘Toys, Sports and Hobbies’ box now features an even wider array of historical and vintage toys to enjoy.

Handling box topics include: ‘Transport’, ‘Nature and the Environment’, ‘Seaside Holidays’, ‘Fossils’, ‘World War Two’ and ‘Reading, Writing and Arithmetic’, amongst various others.

The museum learning officer is also offering visits to primary school INSET days to show teachers some of the resources and offer ideas and advice about different ways of using objects to promote analytical thinking and creative expression.

To find out more information, visit the handling boxes page or contact the learning officer on or 01934 621028