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Welcome to our Digital Museum.  We have created a number of videos and online resources to help us bring Weston Museum to you at home.


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Education Resources


Rusty’s Time Travelling Adventures


Explore and play across history with Rusty the dog!

Join in with Rusty’s Time Travelling Adventures by downloading a home learning pack; just click on the links below or head to Rusty’s own page to find out more!

  1. Fossils and Dinosaurs
  2. Stone Age Survival
  3. Stone Age Instruments
  4. The Incredible Iron Age
  5. Iron Age Weaving
  6. Weird Historical Foods
  7. The Ruthless Romans
  8. Roman Pottery
  9. The Victorious Vikings
  10. Making Viking Braiding
  11. Musical Storytelling
  12. The Valiant Victorians
  13. Victorian Rag Rugging
  14. World War Two
  15. WW2 Pillbox Camouflage
  16. In Living Memory
  17. The Museum Building
  18. WW1 Alfred Leete Poster

Know Your Place, North Somerset

This Learning Pack is aimed at Key Stages 2, 3 & 4. It has been developed in consultation with a range of teachers and group leaders.

It contains 6 themed lessons, each with a choice of activity that can be adapted, as well as case studies.

Lessons are linked to history, geography and creative writing and mean that you can showcase and celebrate your local heritage.

Download Here

Reminiscence Pack

This reminiscence pack has been inspired by our work with active living groups and residential homes.  Our trained team of volunteers would travel to one these groups with a specially picked handling box brimming with nostalgic items.

Now that times have changed, we’re created this resource pack to help inspire living history conversations over the telephone, online or even a letter!

To find out more about our reminiscence offer click here.

To download the activity pack click here.

Top Treasures Trail

Team up with our founder William Mable to explore the galleries upstairs, exploring some of the incredible objects we have here at Weston Museum! There will be either a question to answer or an activity to complete after each treasure.

The trail is a printable PDF, however if you do not have access to a printer, the activities can be completed on plain paper at home.

To download the trail click here.

Fact Hunts

Do you love our trails? Do you wish you could still do them at home? If both of those answers are YES, then you’ll be pleased to see what we have created some that you can do from home!

The Fact Hunts are similar to our trails, except instead of exploring our galleries, we ask you to do research into the chosen topic! 24 hours after the Fact Hunt has been released, we will post the Answer Sheet – which will provide you the answers we found. Share with us how many you got right with the hashtag #westonmuseumfacthunt


Inventions That Changed The World

Weston’s Buildings and Landmarks

Women That Shaped History

England’s Shortest Serving Monarchs

Artists (whose work is displayed in Weston Museum

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

Iron Age Britain

The Vikings

Growing Up In World War 2





Stone Age

Time Capsule

Why not keep a written memory of your time in lockdown? Fill out our Time Capsule online, so you can look back on it in the later years! Don’t forget to share your Time Capsule with us! Download it here.