Weston Museum offers a range of learning sessions for schools, colleges and community groups


Weston Museum prides itself on being a space for learning, where the next generation can find out about their history. We have experienced children’s educators and a host of differentiated learning tools. We believe it’s all about a hands-on, interactive and creative learning experience that can’t be found on a whiteboard or even a Victorian chalk one!

When you’re planning for the next term we are happy to come to your school and show you how the Museum can enhance the children’s learning experience. Download a poster for your staff noticeboard here: Weston Museum

How We Support Schools

  • Schools come to the Museum for a whole day or a half day

Explore the museum and its displays, as well as taking part in an exciting learning session covering one of a range of topics based around the National Curriculum, from Prehistory, through the Medieval period, right up to the Victorian Era.

In the summer, you might enjoy some beach time with the children. You could give them a half day at the Museum and a half day on the beach, organised by the Seafront team at North Somerset Council or when the weathers not so much fun outdoors there’s plenty to do for a whole day at the Museum. 

Prices vary depending on times and class numbers, please get in touch to discuss your preferences with the Learning Team.

  • Bringing the Museum to the school or college

We offer in-school sessions in an adapted form, where members of the learning team will visit you. Popular curriculum topics are Victorian Seaside, The Iron Age and The Romans.

  • You can also hire a ‘Handling Box’

Boxes contain a mixture of original objects, replicas, activities, books, sounds, images, information sheets and even dressing up items; can also sometimes be supplemented or tailored with extra information, so feel free to ask. We can sometimes also loan boxes of dressing up items on a particular period, as we use lots of dressing up in our sessions.

Handling boxes can be hired for 2 week periods for £35.


Information on School Visits to the Museum

Bring your group to visit the museum's ‘Learning Space’ to take part in an exciting and interactive session focussing on an era of British history, alongside exploring the new displays.


Learning Session Topics Covered:

Fossils and Dinosaurs - Pretend to be a Palaeontologist by digging for the remains of the amazing creatures that once roamed the Earth. See how fossils are formed and create your own trace fossil to take away, then explore what we can tell about animals and dinosaurs from their fossilized teeth.

Stone Age to Bronze Age - Imagine how our ancestors survived in a place where mammoths and woolly rhinos roamed the land. Examine antler, bone, flint and bronze tools and have a go at fire lighting techniques. See how people were inspired by the animals around them by trying on furs and leather items, as well as trying your hand at some cave art in the hands on way, by mixing pigments with vegetable fat. This session is also available a whole class Cave Art activity, where we focus on animals and create some beautiful large scale works of art!

The Iron Age - Picture yourself as a tribal warrior by handling replica Iron Age swords, trying on some Iron Age dressing up and hearing about how a local hillfort came to a savage end. Learn about domestic life and how people made their clothing, as well as what items they treasured and wanted to take with them on their journey through life.

The Romans - Imagine yourself as a Roman emperor by trying on a toga, handling some replica Roman armour and making your own coins. Learn about Roman culture through playing some Roman games, designing your own mosaic and adopting a Roman name.

Saxons and Vikings - Uncover some Viking myths, play a Saxon game, then do some code-breaking by translating Viking runes. Map out Viking trade routes and handle some of their wares, then end the session by taking part in a giant game of Saxon and Viking Risk, to feel what it was like to battle for the heart of Britain!

Victorian Seaside - See how Weston changed from a fishing village to a thriving town, by locating trades and activities on a big floor map. Compare beach activities with an object sorting game of seaside objects old and new, then examine posters and postcards from Weston's heyday and use them as inspiration to create your own postcard.

  Victorian Life - Experience life as a Victorian child in Weston through dressing up and a game of true or false, play with some schoolyard toys that don't require batteries and make your own Victorian toy. Practice your hand-writing on slates and see what punishments would be used on fidgety school children!

A fantastic afternoon. Lots of information delivered in a way that was interesting and fun

Local Primary teacher


Thank you for the amazing school trip, it's the best trip I've ever been on!

Harvey, year 3

Handling Boxes

You can hire a variety of handling boxes for KS1 & 2, containing a mixture of original & replica objects, books, information, audio & images

Class Museum

Create your own class or even school museum displays to showcase your learning. This package includes a tailored session on making displays, as well as supporting resources for use back in the classroom

SEN Sessions

Browse our 'menu' of activities to pick out a tailored learning session at the right level for your pupils

Rusty Club

Sign your young archaeologists up as members of our new YAC club, named 'Rusty Club' to take part in monthly meets and seasonal excursions