Weston Museum recently welcomed Milestones Trust art for well being class, led by Georgia Shearman. The aim of the session was to bring sketch books and materials to Weston Museum and to become inspired by the building and the collections.

After hot drinks and introductions, I led the group on a guided tour of the living landscape and seaside galleries. I think everyone was thrilled to see the star attraction, the recently acquired Clevedon torc, a gold neck ring dating from the Iron Age. After the tour, the group collected fold up chairs and sat down to draw from some of the museum’s exhibits. By Jane Hill, Community Liaison Officer

Georgia said “It was a particularly rewarding visit, as we had all visited the museum before. We were able to be ourselves in the now familiar setting of Weston Museum, with its safe inclusive environment. We were able to put aside our daily concerns and focus on looking, drawing, communicating and learning together. It was a real treat. With a big thank you to the museum for our wonderful tour and as ever, making us feel valued and welcomed to Weston Museum”. By Georgia Shearman, Art Therapist