There has been lots of progress with the museum building; the asbestos is gone, the fixtures have all been removed and we are making discoveries!

As a treat for some of our interested parties, including the volunteers and Friends of the Museum, we held a few tours of the building at the end of April. Unfortunately, we were unable to open up the tours to all of the general public, due to restrictions caused by the nature of the building work. The next set of main contractors will soon move in, but we will try to post some images at the next available point of access.

Here is the courtyard from the balcony, notice that the walls of the old seaside gallery have gone, as well as most of the counter for the cafe



Another of the courtyard, but this time from the cafe end; you can see where the Seaside gallery used to be (which is where the flatner boat from the wildlife gallery now resides, but that is for another blog post!)



A picture of just a small selection of some of the new blocks, which will be placed in the floor to fill in some gaps left after previous bits have been removed (you can still get your own block, but only for another couple of months – head over to to bag yours)



Here is a picture of the previous Archaeology gallery. You can still see the stairs that you would come up, this shot is looking back towards the cafe/entrance end of the building (imagine if you were standing near where the stone heads were)



And here is the same gallery but facing the other way, as if you had just climbed the stairs and turned around



This shot was taken in the room that was previously the archive space and was not a gallery. As part of the refurbishment, it will be opened up to become the new Seaside gallery



Another shot back down in the Courtyard. Here you can see where the chemist shop display used to live. The stairs in this picture will eventually be removed and the new stairs and lift will be installed where the other staircase was in the previous Seaside and Archaeology galleries. You can also see a glimpse of the previous Wildlife gallery in the background, which has all been removed to make way for a new temporary gallery, which will feature changing exhibitions, including travelling exhibitions from other museums.



Head back to some of the previous blog posts to see images of design plans for the new galleries and museum spaces, you can also keep up to date with outreach and learning activities by following the museum on Facebook or Twitter!